Saturday, 30 November 2013


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I've not been idle:

between daily pages, blogger, promotion for The Snow Killer and well, life; I've started a Word Press blog!

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I'm currently doing a series about a Doctor Who-loving duck who think she is married to the Doctor (Yeah, I'm not sure where that's going either), and I'm posting daily about my life and any golden-writing I might come up with. 

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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Black and Red - poem

A new poem for you all. 

Inspired by: doodling red and black hearts in my notebook (as if I am twelve...)When: 27/11/2013 in lecture

Black and Red

Black hearts against the red.
Can you see them?
They are the brightest hearts

Those lovers:
their eyes shine.
They are clever and bold and bright
and cruel.
(Like we were.)

We were shining, weren't we?
We were, and still are, 
with red-blood pumping.

Through time, we've changed. 

Your heart is matte now,
mine shines in the dark.
You can have the Sun my love, 
and I shall watch the stars
(Our stars.) 
You will learn to love again.
I shall finally learn to live.

My black, black heart
oh, how you made it beat.
You still do, you know
(but do you know your effect on me?)

I think you will love her
she isn't the one, but she is Alive. 
Enough for you, anyway.
(She isn't me, is that good?)

I wasn't enough. (Could I have been?)
OR: I was too much, perhaps?

We have danced together
beneath the stars.
Will I feel the light of the Sun
on my skin again?
There is no heat on my skin.
Not anymore.

You are alive, my darling.
And I shall be forever jealous;
guarding my stars in the black night
that is my heart. 

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Stuck for where to buy this Christmas?

Hello beautiful bloggers!

It's only a month until Christmas, so it's time to start shopping for presents. have been great for me this winter, and with surprisingly fast delivery, there's no need to worry about that special present not arriving on time. I got my mom some great Disney socks for a really cheap price, check them out:

Looking for something a bit more academic? I stop my step-dad this interesting book about wolves, but it would be suitable for any age:

Or, a music lover? My friend Alex is obsessed with Evanescence, so I got her this beautiful framed mount of their album:

And, for that little cousin (or my 21 year old friend, Ashleigh) why not something Harry Potter themed?

NiceEShop are great for handmade trinkets, here's the link on Amazon:

OR, if you like handmade gifts, but aren't sure what to get them, check out: 
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Any more ideas or great websites to use this Christmas? Tweet me @melissaholden94

Let the countdown begin!


Friday, 15 November 2013

It's arrived!

The Snow Killer first five copies showed up at this time yesterday.

I've only got one left (and that's because it's my copy and I refuse to sell it!)

It looks incredible and I'm so happy the book is ready to sell, but not quite yet on Kindle, I'm afraid.

I'm ordering 20 more copies at the end of this month, and then more in January. 

Thank you everyone for all of your support throughout this project: this book means so much to me, and I really appreciate every page view, every Tweet and every comment.

Thank you,

Mel x

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Fairy Tales with a Twist Series: Cinderella

Hi Blogger!

I've decided to do a small series of 500+ entries to do with fairy tales. 

Now, Disney has done very well in telling us the fairy tales of the past centuries, but they haven't really been modernised: it's always that non-descript Medieval era, (with the exception of "The Princess and The Frog" which looks like fifties America).

This is all spurred from a lecture I had on Thursday, and we posed the question of how different the stories would be if you changed elements such as: location, gender, sexuality, time frame, era, etc.

I'm starting with Cinderella, and will confess now: all of my fairy tale knowledge derives from Disney.

"Cindy: this is the third time this month you've been caught in town outside curfew. I won't stand for it any longer.” Rebecca took the girl's limp hand, and tried to ignore the biting stare from her eyes.

"You need to understand that we have rules here, and now you are a part of this community-"
"It's not a community; it's a dumping ground for strays." Cindy pulled back her hand and slumped back in the orange chair. "I want to go home."
"Cindy, you can't go home. Your step-mother lost the custody plea after your father... we will help you find a new home. Or you can go for a foster family? Would you like that?"
"Can I go to my room now?"
"Chores first I'm afraid. And its film night tonight, doesn't that sound fun?"
"Not really." she looked down at her feet. "What are my chores?"
"Clean the kitchen floor."
"Fine." The girl stood up to leave, but Rebecca called after her.
"Cindy? Can I trust this is the end of the anti-social behaviour?"
"No." Cindy walked out of the office and towards the kitchen.

- - - 

Cindy pulled her phone out of her pocket and dialled a number. RING RING RING - "Yo, Prince? It's Cindy. You've got to get me out of here, they're driving me insane. Twenty minutes? Fine. See you." She put the phone back in her pocket and carried on mopping the floor. 

- - -

Cindy shut her bedroom door behind her. The one good thing about the Far Far Away Children's Home was that she had her own room, right at the top of the house, in the attic. She searched for her bag and picked up some of her clothes. When she found the bag, she stuffed them inside and rummaged around her room for other things.
"Where's my goddamn lighter?" Cindy patted herself down but couldn't find the pink flip lighter she had gotten from Prince for her birthday. 

Prince was her best friend, lover and dealer. She literally couldn't do anything without his say so. Even when she was living with her step-mom and step-sisters, he was always there to rescue her and take her far away. 

That's what a lover/dealer is so good at: they can make your dreams come true just by adding a little magic dust. 

Cindy's phone rang in her jacket pocket, and she answered it through her headphones. "Sup?"
"I'm outside. Where are you?"
"I'm just grabbing some stuff. I'll be like two minutes." She hung up with the click of a button and carried on packing. 

A knock at the door startles her. "Can I come in, Cindy?"
"Fuck." She whispered. "Yeah one second." She kicked the bag under the bed and straightened up her covers. She walked over to the door and opened it. "Hi. What's up?"
"Are you coming down for film night?"
"I have a bit of a headache actually. I think it was the fumes from the bleach. I'm just going to lie down for a little while." Rebecca looked at the tall blonde girl in front of her and worried.
"Are you sure? It's the girls' choice tonight. Is there nothing you want to watch?"

"Honestly, I just want to lie down. But I'll come to the next one."

Hesitant, Rebecca said her goodbyes and left Cindy alone. Cindy shut the door, grabbed her bag and climbed out of the window, and ran into the arms of her Prince. 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Bye Bye Previews

November's here, and it's time for The Snow Killer to leave Blogger. It's copyright issues folks, sorry.
However, the book will be published on Kindle in the next few weeks (once my tax interview has been checked) so I shall keep you posted!

- Mel

Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Snow Killer: the journey to Kindle

Last night, I tried to sort out The Snow Killer for upload to Kindle, through Kindle Direct Publishing. For anyone thinking about using Kindle, I will be blogging about my experience with Kindle.

They have a cover creator, which is really good. You can mess around with fonts and colours, images (if you don't have a specific one) for your cover.

Everything is saved onto your account with KDP, which saves computer space.

PROBLEM ONE: Text Layout

Text layout was a real issue when trying to upload the book: you have to have everything in one document, and things like dedications, etc. all end up on one page.

TIP: put each new part, i.e. Chapters, or headings, on a new page (if you are using Word).

PROBLEM TWO: Uploading the book

Once you upload your book to KDP, it gives you the option to preview your text before continuing.

TIP: always check it before you continue, you may notice something has happened to your text.

PROBLEM: When you check it in the previewer, and decide you need to change it: you have to go through the entire process again.

PROBLEM THREE: Tax Information

I had to fill out a tax information form, due to you actually making money from your book.
However, the problem is that A) It asks for an electronic signature B) It assumes you are American, making it difficult to fill out the form if you aren't

TIP: Don't get an ITN, or EIN or anything like that - you don't need it.
TIP: Option to print out the form, and sign it in blue/black ink - it's easier.

That's as far as I've got so far - I'll keep you posted!