Saturday, 28 September 2013

Before the Canterbury Christ Church chaos begins...

Hello bloggers/blog-readers/my friends who are forced to read these,
It's been a while, so I thought I should catch you all up on the incredible life of ME! I've been living in Canterbury for two months now, and have enjoyed it immensely.
I went to visit Canterbury Cathedral recently, and as someone who is completely unaware of religion, I found it to be an overwhelming experience. I, as a logical person does, decided to try and focus on the beauty of where I was, but was too taken aback by the murals and the memorials, and the sheer commitment that religion desires, and indeed (by those who are involved in it) deserves. I highly recommend a visit, whether you are religious or not: it is a beautiful place and needs to be revered.
Over the past month, I have had new people come in to my life in the form of housemates. They are all lovely people, and it's quite an enjoyable experience (despite it being a house full of students who have no regard for noise control). That is Quinland on the right, wearing my glasses, clever thing he is, but likes to scare us by not talking as he walks in to a room, he creeps in quietly and scares the hell out of us all. Our kitchen is a mess, we eat Tiramisu for dinner, and spend hours watching the TV show, Angel. I love my housemates, and hope it stays this fun as the year progresses.

This is a picture of my bedroom wall, covered in my geeky posters. #geekandproud

I also, celebrated my nineteenth, a month late but oh well, with a Doctor Who/SciFi Friday 13th Belated Birthday Bonanza... (yes, it had a title and everything). We played Doctor Who drinking games, such as Doctor Who Pictionary and Doctor Who Quotes drinking game - which I will upload later.
We also dressed up as our favourite characters, and went out clubbing with some more of my friends. I was dressed as River Song, with my attempt at her hair.  Ashleigh dressed as the TARDIS, +Shelby Fuller was Clara Owsald.
My friend, Ashleigh (right) bought me my very own RIVER SONG notebook, for all my favourite quotes. It's nearly full already, but I've left some space for the 50th Anniversary.
 Well, that's me for now! I hope you've enjoyed my little update. Sorry +Shelby Fuller for the pictures, but your shock at the TARDIS sketch was enough to merit a post on my blog.

Thanks for the page views, keep them coming - I'm aiming for 2000 by November!

Mel x