Monday, 26 August 2013

The Pub Diaries: Canterbury

I've been living in Canterbury for a month now, and in response to my previous post; I thought I should tell you what I've been up to!

I like interesting and quirky places, and although I do love a cheap drink, sometimes you need the atmosphere more than the alcohol. There's three pubs/bars I've come to love over the last few weeks. I only ever drink vodka and coke on a night out, so it's easy for me to compare prices. The first magical new place I'm going to ramble on about is Lady Luck.

Lady Luck is a great "alternative scene" for lack of a better phrase. It's got great music, a lively atmosphere, a pool table, fun bar staff, and above all: cheap drinks!
I've been there at least twice a week since I've got here, and at £2.00 for a house single and mixer, it hasn't put me out of pocket... yet. They have a wide range of drinks stocked, and often do specials on Shepard Neame bottled beer, so it keeps the men happy, and they do shots for £1, so it keeps the sober-wanting-to-be-drunk happy and un-poor.

The second, I only found this week: The Cricketers. It's right next door to Lady Luck, but is a very different environment. With fairy lights and ivy in the garden, I was quite content to sit out there in the warm air with a friend, whilst we listen to the live music. It's a Shepard Neame pub, so its £3.00 for a single vodka and coke, was expected.

Another pub I've enjoyed this week was The New Inn, off of North Holmes Road. When entering through the garden, I thought we were tagging into a posh house party. Its beautiful garden and outdoor cooking facilities made it feel like the lazy weekends we all dream of. The barmaid, whose name escapes me, was chatty, and quite happy to talk to the customers, without a look of boredom etched on her face. £3.90 for a double vodka and cola wasn't inconceivable, but there are cheaper places. 

I think Lay Luck is my winner on prices and atmosphere, however it depends what kind of night you are after. If it's a quiet drink with a few friends, then I suggest The Cricketers. If it's great BBQ and friendly staff, head to The New Inn. But Lady Luck is great for a night out that never gets boring. 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

The meaning behind the ink

A friend recently asked me what the meaning was behind my tattoos, and I didn't know how to reply. I chose and designed my tattoos instinctively, and although I spent many months laboriously designing them, the original idea remained the same.

My first tattoo, was four coloured stars behind my ear. I always wanted something small for my first tattoo, and somewhere I could hide it. (I got this one in Stars and Swallows, Dartford,

Don't get me wrong: I love my tattoos and am proud of them. However, some people don't agree. Luckily, my workplace don't mind my tattoos as they are not offensive. And how could they be: I've got stars and butterflies.

The stars, which I got as a present from my step-father, represent my climb to success. I started university last September, so my eighteenth birthday was even more important, because it meant I was going to be on my way forward to an adventure I would never forget.

My second tattoo, I got at the beginning of 2013, is a butterfly on a vine on my right shoulder. I love this, and spent a long time deciding where this butterfly should perch on my skin. This one is blue and purple merged, with green leaves on the vines.

My third tattoo, is something I had always wanted but never been brave enough to get: a wrist tattoo. My wrist butterfly is on a beautiful curve of vines, and has the same colours as her sister on my shoulder.

My two butterfly tattoos, I acquired when living in Folkestone,

 I have always loved butterflies. I think they are delicate and graceful, and symbolic.

Butterflies mean change to me: they are born humble caterpillars, and then they cocoon, learn the ways of the world, and the meaning of growth, and emerge these beautiful flying creatures with bright colours; flying around the world showing off their wings. I think butterflies are proud: they have changed for the better, there's nothing wrong with that.

I think I have butterflies because life is always changing, we as people are always changing, and we should embrace it, not stay caterpillars and hide away in our dusty cocoons.

So, my friend, and my dear readers, my tattoos represent me: aiming for the stars, and forever changing. Happy with that answer, society?

Saturday, 10 August 2013

banters in canters, or melancoly in Canterbury?

Hi bloggersphere! 
(to be said loudly and with a hint of irony)

I've recently moved to Canterbury, for work and university, since they shut my beloved UCF down, and well, my old job was rubbish. 

Any who, because I've moved in six weeks early, I've found myself with a lot of free time. Although I have worked nearly every day, it's 12pm to 4pm, and on a quiet day, there is NOTHING to do. 

So, I decided to start exploring Canterbury, local to my house. In my first week, I'd walked up and down the high street at least ten times, been to St Martin's Church (I'm an atheist so I can only appreciate the architecture), found the Post Office/ Londis, found another Londis, figured out my perfect routes to work, university and town, spent two hours sitting in King George VI Memorial Field, found a graveyard/neutral space, walked around my garden and figured out the best places to buy cheap food (heads up students: it's Poundland and Waitrose...)

That was all in one WEEK... Oh dear. This is my third week here, and I'm going crazy, which isn't good considering four days of that I was actually in Dartford picking up some of the rest of my stuff. 

Oh, and I read three books. 

Since Thursday, I've signed up for the 30 Day Free Trial on Love Film Instant, and I've watched 11 films. In less than three days. ELEVEN FILMS. 

So, beautiful people of Blogger and Canterbury, I set you a challenge: Find something free, local and time consuming for me to do, and if you do, I'll write an article about it, and add in some free publicity.