Friday, 11 January 2013

Unemployment and Education UK Article

Topic – Unemployment and Education in the UK (written in early 2012)
Melissa Holden

Unemployment has reached its highest in seventeen years, totaling at 2.57 million people in the UK alone.
 The idea of benefit fraud stems from unemployment. Poverty is due to unemployment. Crime is due to unemployment. If you cannot afford items, you cannot claim ownership.
Humans are dictated by the want of ownership. If we cannot, buy: we steal -survival instincts. I do not condone this corrupted behaviour although to attain, you must take - forcefully or otherwise.                              
Keeping young adults in education until the age of eighteen does not solve unemployment or government debt. It only frustrates those whom  do not comply with academic standards; with the lack of vocational subjects in the UK, it seems that unless you are scholastic, you can either be a beautician or an engineer, as this is all the community colleges offer these the less adept students. This is ludicrous – students need a wider range of opportunities in order to develop their skills.
Moreover, the average university fee for 2011/2012 is to be between £3000 and £9000 per year, with the top ten universities leaning towards the higher course charges. How are students from lower class backgrounds supposed to pay for this? Despite the grants and fee waivers; moving away from home is daunting enough; increased more so by the housing fees and paying your way for the year.
No wonder the younger generations are struggling to find work; they are not educated enough (at least in the correct fields) for the currently available jobs – the new careers that are springing up all over the UK. We have a vast amount of opportunities and new companies – yet no thriving, well –educated young people to fill the voids.
Not every job in the UK involves folding t-shirts in a low-paid, dead-end retail job. 
Perhaps some students are prepared to spend their lives in mediocre jobs, with no career chances or terms of accomplishment, but I know that I am not letting this happen for me. I will strive for my dream job; I will accomplish it; I will not be mediocre anymore.

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