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Platonic Conception

Platonic Conception/ Fictional Biography (written in 2011)
Melissa Holden

I have created this in a premium version of my life, describing basic details in an upper-class society and lifestyle, whilst tying in home life and colloquial disruptions also, incorporating an exaggerated ideal of the perfect life from my point of view. This is written from a 32-year-old self, in 2026, whom is married and enjoying family life, using a colloquial yet middle class language form.

Hello, I am Melissa Holden-Smith of H-S Publications and Print Inc. I currently reside in Alabama USA in a small country manor, with a picket fence as you see in the movies, it looks quite charming really. My humble abode consists of; ten bedrooms (with en-suite bathrooms of course); an indoor pool – with diving equipment, a gym, and day spa, oh and a bowling alley. I own a pet dog; a Husky – Jeff, he is almost two now and I have two beloved children, Blaize-Marie and Tristan, well three – almost, as we have one on the way.

I own my own publishing firm, which has just hit worldwide status – we are known in every single country in the English-speaking world. We focus mostly on niche marketing, which actually makes more profit than bestsellers; although the bestselling writers would tell you otherwise.
I started the company in the UK, so that is where our Head Quarters is: I am constantly jetting back and forth, except when I am staying in my London flat for the summer; although I am thinking about selling the flat and buying a lake house in the Kentish countryside. I always loved Kent as that is where I grew up with my family. Then again, I am more of an acquaintance with spare money than family to them.

Once I had left university, I went on to join a small publishing house in Dartford; working my way up until I was Editor in Chief. I enjoyed this position although it was not challenging enough. The company shut down in 2015 and this is when I decided to launch my own company. The money from my first novel, “Reach for Freedom”, released in 2016 (when I was 22 years old), paid for the start up costs. The name of the company began as Holden-Smith Inc, but we found this wasn't powerful enough, it just didn't feel right.
The company had a rough start, my staff and I had a hard time, but we pushed through and eventually made it.
We have just celebrated our ten-year anniversary as a company, making roughly £54 million a year in profit, and that is just in the UK – I won’t even bother going into detail in concerns of the rest of the world.

I am planning to expand the company out to advertising, as it makes for a good start to a conglomerate, which is what I am inevitably aiming to achieve, I would call it H.S Corporations. It will be outstanding, excelling over those Disney sell-outs. I could never run a company that took advantage of a child’s dreams and their parents’ bank accounts. Something tells me that News Corporation is going to collapse soon, as they have kept their claws in the public for 20 more years than they should have – they shall slip soon enough. Therefore, I shall aim to take their target audiences; I may even start up a newspaper – I have good enough writers and journalists under my employment to do so.
It could even encourage Tristan to join the family business in the future. Alec believes it is good for the children to see a strong female role model in their lives, as women are constantly undermined in the business world and Tristan has already revealed a talent for a strong work ethic, he shall be sure to succeed.

I am currently sporting a $400,000 Ferrari convertible, in crimson, oh, it is gorgeous. It’s my pride and joy. George, (our maintenance guy) looks after Dory (the car) constantly, and is purely employed to do so. I am thinking of buying Alec(my husband) one, bless him he is clueless when it comes to cars – he is still driving the battered out Ford Fiesta he had when we first met fifteen years ago. He claims it is a “classic” since it has been around from before we were born, but I am just seeing a pile of rust. George and I are planning to surprise him with a 4X4 Range Rover, in black, with alloy wheels.

Our guiding star, Geoffrey the Butler, has been with us since England – moved with us out of loyalty. I do not know where we would be without him – he has helped us through it all. His family live with us in the manor, he has four children; motherless – wife passed away a few years ago. He was crushed by it, but he has started to move on.

On a lighter note, Alec has just received a grant for a science experiment – working on String Theory, he shall have to move away for a few months, but if he succeeds then it is revolutionary work – world changing in fact. We are all so proud of him, but it means he will have to miss the birth of the new baby, which is quite disappointing. I shall manage, but it will be tough for us all, and the home-staff will have to work around the clock for a while, but it should calm down after Alec comes back home.

Alec and I are expecting our third little drain on my resources  and our local hospital has so generously named the maternity ward after me when I gave them a small donation of $4 million. I can’t see why they are so fussed about it, but well it gives me something to brag about. Alec is going all out and the nursery is all decorated, we employed Laurence Llewellyn Bowen to do most of the work. He wants to be the Godfather, but I personally was thinking of James McAvoy and his wife, they are very sweet people and I am sure our little gem would benefit from their teachings and advantages.

We have to wait three more months to see the bundle of joy: Alec is hoping for a girl, whereas I am not too bothered. If it is a girl, Alec wants to call her Precious, although it seems a bit highbrow to me, and I quite like the idea of Esme, then again, I am fond of unusual names. Tristan thinks we should call it Charles if it is a boy, after Charles Darwin, but that’s because he is a budding scientist like Alec. They make me feel terribly low-key sometimes – until I correct Alec’s notes.
Blaize-Marie doesn't want a little brother, she thinks he and Tristan would team up and tease her, Tristan thinks it would be the same if it were a girl. The children cannot grasp the idea that they shall all get along just fine, but I am sure they can adjust to the concept of another child. People say it is always the third child that tips the balance – I should be pregnant with twins just to make things easier.

Blaize-Marie has just turned nine, and is celebrating in true Holden-Smith fashion – with an arrogantly big party! The little darling has “requested” a pony – a new one anyway, she already has two of them, a new set of clothes, some Gucci shoes (which I think is a bit much for a nine year old) and the latest iPhone so she can keep in touch with the neighbours’ children and the family back home. Alec thinks she will want a house just for her soon – she has an awful lot of belongings, we do spoil her rotten! Unfortunately she has become a bit of a complacent child and I don’t blame the poor thing – she can get so lonely sometimes with all the hours I work at the company.

Tristan on the other hand is quickly becoming a strapping young man, of thirteen. He has followed in my footsteps, thank goodness and is going to university…although slightly earlier than us as he is off to Harvard in September to study Political Science. We cannot believe it ourselves, but that’s what you get when you combine a Booker Prize winner and a world-renowned scientist. I do not know how the boy manages with all the pressure he is under, but he does it well, and is even writing poetry on the side. The depths he can go to with emotions and conventional heartache is astounding – he hasn't even had a girlfriend yet, but when he does, he will be a heart breaker, I can tell.
I am worried he may miss his friends from public school, but he makes friends quickly, so perhaps he shall be fine after all.  I think he shall miss his band members the most, he started singing when he was five and has been playing guitar for two years I believe. He gets his musical talents from me – I am a member of a small girl group – Belle-Rose. We mostly do charity concerts – I've no need for the money.

I don’t know where I would be without my family and my company. If I had to describe sublime happiness, my life would be it. 

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