Friday, 11 January 2013


Dot I

Ever experienced,
That strange feeling?
One you have sensed,
To feel it’s being?

Ever experienced,
The peculiar notion,
Of endless unknown fish,
In a forbidden ocean?

Ever experienced,
That daunting thought,
When you have lost something,
That was barely a Dot?

Ever experienced,
The sheer dread?
When the world comes crashing,
And the one you love,
Is utterly, undoingly,

Dot II

The memory of a person,
Is far more than ever known,
Not just a photo,
But the presence of an empty throne.

The red roses bare
The truth of our lives.
You were the boys,
We had to sacrifice.

I never met you,
And neither did he.
But I shall always regret,
The decision to not let you Be.

The choices were made
Rash and clinical.
I thought I was OK,
But now – I am cynical. 

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