Friday, 11 January 2013

Personal statement that got me into uni.

Personal Statement
By Melissa Holden

I have wanted to be a Proofreader for many years. The decision to follow this career path occurred to me when I began marking my school friends' coursework and essays. I love moving words around to construct more creative sentences and it gives me a sense of accomplishment, as I know I am helping people improve their standard of work and education. This course will help me develop my writing skills, and therefore preparing me for a career in publishing. Having improved writing skills would mean I would have a better understanding of the English language, and how to edit and transform the words to create more imaginative texts.

I have an extensive vocabulary and knowledge of literature and language, which has fuelled my adulation of reading and learning. Through studying A Level Literature, it has given me the opportunity to read a broad range of literature texts, including World War One Literature and more recently, Love through the Ages. My impressive literary ability means I am more aware of the necessary skills to write and edit a novel. I also read widely at home and am constantly reading and altering the text within them when I find diminutive errors and grammatical mistakes. Furthermore, my A Level Media Studies has given me the chance to observe other mediums of literature and media texts, which advances my understanding even more so. I excel in private study and am a quiet worker.

In my time away from Sixth Form, I have a part-time job as a Sales Operative in Dartford. This job has helped develop my inter personal skills, helping me become a confident and willing student, whom is capable of working both alone and as a member of a co-operative and successful team. These skills would help me during my time at university, as I would be able to work better with other students.

In the past I have also, and still do on occasion, volunteered for Mencap Royal Charity, in Dartford, assisting in their charity shop as well as attending meetings and business seminars to do with this organization. This has also enhanced my ability to work, especially in difficult and high-pressured circumstances, as I gave support to those affected by mental disabilities that are helped by the charity, and even worked closely with several of them within the store. 

My capability to work to a deadline is also a useful skill I have obtained from my work outside and inside of school. Proofreaders are constantly under pressure and my ability to be calm in a crisis and be able to focus under pressure means I can carry out my work quickly without any worry. I gained this skill from coursework deadlines and also working for Dartford Technology College for their Summer School 2011, where I had to work with young children under high-pressured circumstances and was responsible for over 100 girls. This would help me cope with the pressure that university students have to endure. I received positive feedback as a result of my good nature and organizational skills. 

Studying Professional Writing would move me towards my chosen career path and assist me in becoming a freelance proofreader; my aim would be to eventually work for a conglomerate or a successful publishing house. We all dream of being the next J.K. Rowling but I would like to discover the next one. 

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