Monday, 26 August 2013

The Pub Diaries: Canterbury

I've been living in Canterbury for a month now, and in response to my previous post; I thought I should tell you what I've been up to!

I like interesting and quirky places, and although I do love a cheap drink, sometimes you need the atmosphere more than the alcohol. There's three pubs/bars I've come to love over the last few weeks. I only ever drink vodka and coke on a night out, so it's easy for me to compare prices. The first magical new place I'm going to ramble on about is Lady Luck.

Lady Luck is a great "alternative scene" for lack of a better phrase. It's got great music, a lively atmosphere, a pool table, fun bar staff, and above all: cheap drinks!
I've been there at least twice a week since I've got here, and at £2.00 for a house single and mixer, it hasn't put me out of pocket... yet. They have a wide range of drinks stocked, and often do specials on Shepard Neame bottled beer, so it keeps the men happy, and they do shots for £1, so it keeps the sober-wanting-to-be-drunk happy and un-poor.

The second, I only found this week: The Cricketers. It's right next door to Lady Luck, but is a very different environment. With fairy lights and ivy in the garden, I was quite content to sit out there in the warm air with a friend, whilst we listen to the live music. It's a Shepard Neame pub, so its £3.00 for a single vodka and coke, was expected.

Another pub I've enjoyed this week was The New Inn, off of North Holmes Road. When entering through the garden, I thought we were tagging into a posh house party. Its beautiful garden and outdoor cooking facilities made it feel like the lazy weekends we all dream of. The barmaid, whose name escapes me, was chatty, and quite happy to talk to the customers, without a look of boredom etched on her face. £3.90 for a double vodka and cola wasn't inconceivable, but there are cheaper places. 

I think Lay Luck is my winner on prices and atmosphere, however it depends what kind of night you are after. If it's a quiet drink with a few friends, then I suggest The Cricketers. If it's great BBQ and friendly staff, head to The New Inn. But Lady Luck is great for a night out that never gets boring. 

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