Saturday, 10 August 2013

banters in canters, or melancoly in Canterbury?

Hi bloggersphere! 
(to be said loudly and with a hint of irony)

I've recently moved to Canterbury, for work and university, since they shut my beloved UCF down, and well, my old job was rubbish. 

Any who, because I've moved in six weeks early, I've found myself with a lot of free time. Although I have worked nearly every day, it's 12pm to 4pm, and on a quiet day, there is NOTHING to do. 

So, I decided to start exploring Canterbury, local to my house. In my first week, I'd walked up and down the high street at least ten times, been to St Martin's Church (I'm an atheist so I can only appreciate the architecture), found the Post Office/ Londis, found another Londis, figured out my perfect routes to work, university and town, spent two hours sitting in King George VI Memorial Field, found a graveyard/neutral space, walked around my garden and figured out the best places to buy cheap food (heads up students: it's Poundland and Waitrose...)

That was all in one WEEK... Oh dear. This is my third week here, and I'm going crazy, which isn't good considering four days of that I was actually in Dartford picking up some of the rest of my stuff. 

Oh, and I read three books. 

Since Thursday, I've signed up for the 30 Day Free Trial on Love Film Instant, and I've watched 11 films. In less than three days. ELEVEN FILMS. 

So, beautiful people of Blogger and Canterbury, I set you a challenge: Find something free, local and time consuming for me to do, and if you do, I'll write an article about it, and add in some free publicity. 



  1. Make something? Get creative? Errrm. Do all of your assignments early? :P Errrrr I'll put my thinking cap on.

    1. How can I do my assignments early if I don't know what they are? xx