Thursday, 28 November 2013

Black and Red - poem

A new poem for you all. 

Inspired by: doodling red and black hearts in my notebook (as if I am twelve...)When: 27/11/2013 in lecture

Black and Red

Black hearts against the red.
Can you see them?
They are the brightest hearts

Those lovers:
their eyes shine.
They are clever and bold and bright
and cruel.
(Like we were.)

We were shining, weren't we?
We were, and still are, 
with red-blood pumping.

Through time, we've changed. 

Your heart is matte now,
mine shines in the dark.
You can have the Sun my love, 
and I shall watch the stars
(Our stars.) 
You will learn to love again.
I shall finally learn to live.

My black, black heart
oh, how you made it beat.
You still do, you know
(but do you know your effect on me?)

I think you will love her
she isn't the one, but she is Alive. 
Enough for you, anyway.
(She isn't me, is that good?)

I wasn't enough. (Could I have been?)
OR: I was too much, perhaps?

We have danced together
beneath the stars.
Will I feel the light of the Sun
on my skin again?
There is no heat on my skin.
Not anymore.

You are alive, my darling.
And I shall be forever jealous;
guarding my stars in the black night
that is my heart. 

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